About us

Seed2Source by Sustainable Synergy, Inc. has partnered with Central Florida Heath Advocates to launch the truly first-to-market Superfood Delivery Program – bringing Medical Culinary Delights straight to your local business or Health and Wellness Provider for convenience, education and to allow you to meet the farmers in person!

Seed2Source specializes in the growing of pure, Hyper-Local, Certified-Organic
 Superfoods utilizing a combination of advanced, innovative, proprietary growing methodologies such as Aeroponics, Hydroponics and Organic Soil-Grown. Our team of consultants includes not only MultiGenerational Growers, but also Naturopathic Doctors and Wellness Experts. The Seed2Source mission is to grow produce that can be analyzed by third parties to ensure superior nutrient density, but also that has been grown within a 100-Mile radius to the Central Florida (making it ‘hyper-local’) coupled with being freshly harvested and delivered to YOU within a 12-hour period (Live2YOU).

**Rollins Delivery every Tuesday from 1-2 pm**
 ** Blackout Dates Align With Rollins School Schedule**